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Criminal Justice Team - Juvenile

General Purpose Statement: To remove barriers to the successful management of juvenile offenders with substance use issues and provide youth and their families maximum support to overcome these issues.

Measurable Objectives:

  1. To increase communication among treatment programs, criminal justice agencies, schools and parents and increase the education of families regarding treatment for these youth.
  2. To decrease the number of youth with treatment issues that are involved with the criminal justice system by increasing access to the appropriate level of treatment.
  3. To decrease the barriers and difficulties families face.
  4. To decrease the funding barriers for treatment.

Funding Sources

Juvenile Justice funding generally comes down from the State Crime Commission.  Lancaster County receives dollars for juveniles based on several different formulas.  Grant writing is the vehicle to accessing these grants.

Key Past Projects included: SCIP Expansion Program Latino Parent Night, Never Too Late Assessment Center Evaluations

The Juvenile Justice Review Committee of Lancaster County consists of over 85 human service agencies, community leaders, and criminal justice professionals. Substance abuse issues have been a focus for this team for the past several years due to the high amount of crime and recidivism that occurs due to substance use.

Contact: Sara Hoyle
Phone no: 441 – 8495